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The world needs more men like you.

Dear Marshall,

As I navigate this changing world, I think of a simple time not long ago. Before I had you (my beautiful boy), I didn't have the same fears as today. Life seemed untouchable and innocent.

Today, however, I felt fear—an intense day. , the fear flooded my body and mind. I cried. I feel like danger is all around; unthinkable crimes happen to our neighbors, and you can't seem to turn your back for a second.

I could only think, "How do I keep you safe forever? I want to keep you safe in this world. I don't have the answer to this question. My emotions are heavy and scary. Every parent that loves their child wants to keep them safe. And we do the best we can. But there is a real world out there, and it operates to its own beat. I have to let you into that world. But I struggle with that.

There are so many moving parts I need to have control of. Maybe if I keep you beside me forever, I can protect you.

I know this is not a realistic solution, And you show me every day the world is ready for you and you will do extraordinary things. Maybe if I can teach you to be kind and protect yourself, you can be a part of it. You could be the part that changes the world for the better. I may rob the world of your compassion if I keep you beside me and never let you go.

The world needs more men like you.

But How do I keep you safe?

How can I protect you forever?

Love Mom.

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